Silent Partner

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  • 1024 bit encryption secure file transfer from phone to HQ
  • Digital fingerprinting of files to guarantee authenticity
  • Multiple US and Global Patent Pending status
  • Data capture
    • Caller ID
    • Dialed Digits
    • GPS location at start and end of call
  • Android OS support
  • Browser based playback
  • Ability to have mobile phone recordings on same solution that records your wired telephones. A single recorder that can handle VOIP, PSTN, Radio, Trunk Radio, and now mobile phones!

Advanced Features

  • Speech Analytics
    • Have software “listen” to the content of all of your calls.
    • Trends within calls are automatically reported so lead investigators may find commonality between cases thought unrelated.
    • Immensely useful for detective bureaus that exist across multiple precincts. This allows investigators to easily find linked cases.

With Silent Partner, investigators can:

  • Record only the calls they want. The application can be configured to:
  • record all calls
  • record based on pressing start
  • or record all calls with the option to stop recording.

Improve Case Management.

  • Case numbers can be assigned to any call or interview from a drop down list or manually entered after a call.
  • Easily organizes all mobile audio for a single case.

Interview and upload automatically.

  • Eliminate pocket recorders and have your interviews upload automatically to the same playback database as your telephone and mobile phone calls.

Operate Covertly.

  • The application can be set to run covertly for undercover officers, confidential informants, etc to capture all audio and data and transfer immediately to your facility.